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Sonic® Wi-Fi

Sonic® Wi-Fi

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Sonic is a multi-award-winning system that stops leaks anywhere in your property's water supply.

It can detect all kinds of leaks, from burst pipes down to tiny drips, and intelligently shuts off your water supply to stop the damage, fast.

Check up on your home or business, get instant alerts about any problems, and remotely control your water supply from anywhere in the world.

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About Sonic

Sonic Wi-Fi quickly identifies leaks of any size, sending real-time alerts to your phone. Combined with Sonic Smart Shield™ our remote automatic shut-off feature, your property stays protected at all times, no matter where you are in the world.

Sonic Wi-Fi also puts you in control of your water usage. With our user-friendly app, you'll have real-time data at your fingertips, helping you track, manage, and conserve your water consumption, and reduce your bills.

Make the smart choice for your property and join the water revolution with Sonic Wi-Fi today.

Sonic technology

Sonic uses HD Ultrasonic technology to detect low flows of water and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network. Ambient and pipe temperature sensors can alert you to a potential frozen or freezing pipe, helping prevent bursts from occurring in the first place.

  • Find Leaks

    Detect leaks instantly with Sonic's AI technology. Act fast, prevent damage.

  • Smarter Water

    Monitor and understand your water usage in real-time. Control consumption, reduce bills.

  • Constant Protection

    Sonic's 24/7 automatic shut-off prevents major water disasters. Stay protected, with zero effort.

  • Hygiene Alerts

    Sonic uses smart sensors to detect and signal legionella risk in your system. Quality water, quality health.

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User-friendly Mobile App

The Sonic smart app gives you instant insights and alerts, warning you of any leaks or water escape, live usage and more, right at your fingertips.

Connected and protected
Wherever you are, get real-time alerts via text, phone call and app notifications, allowing you to act fast and keep your property protected at all times.

Always in control
The Sonic smart app allows you to fully control your water supply, choose the alerts you want on, customise them, and even add other family and friends to help manage your property too.

AI-powered insights
Sonic uses the latest technologies to help you better understand your water consumption. You can see how much water you use, understand the health of your water systems, and make better water consumption decisions based on your usage.

*Some app features may be chargeable after 6 months of freemium use.

Product details

Please check out the Sonic detailed specification.

Sonic’s carefully-engineered layout packs in huge amounts of functionality while still permitting installation in the tightest wall and ceiling cavities. It uses a standard 3/4″ connector that can be adapted to all common plumbing standards. The chassis is 40% glass-reinforced PPS for outstanding stability, durability and heat and chemical resistance.

The high-resolution pressure sensor gives stable 24-bit readings under as little as 1cm of water. It works between 0 and 10 bar, from -40 to +85 degrees C. The temperature sensor is accurate to 1/16th of a degree, providing accurate real-time statistics.

Technical Specifications

What's in the box

  • Sonic® Wi-Fi smart valve
  • Power supply unit, 180cm (US Plug with UK/EU adapter included dependent on location)
  • Product Manual

Batteries must be purchased separately if required


20.6cm (L) x 5.0cm (W) x 11.4cm (D)

Installation Environment

  • Indoor installation only (0°C to ~40°C environment)
  • Sonic supports up to ~10bar water pressure
  • Install on main cold water inlet, after main stop valve

Installation Guidance

  • BSP Parallel 3/4” male thread (on Sonic Valve)*
  • Minimum Space required to install: 25cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 10cm (D)
  • Compatible with Pipe Sizes up to 28mm**
  • Can be installed vertically/horizontally
  • Max fixating torque 10NM
  • PTFE thread should NOT be used

*We recommend using 2 x 'Flomasta compression straight tap connector XXMM x 3/4" - Replace XX with your correct pipe-size (15/22mm) to install.

**Additional pipework may be required in some properties, you should consult an expert where required.

Please note: Sonic WiFi must be installed by a professional plumber using our guide.


  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Water Pressure Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Power & Connectivity

  • AC-DC Power : Input 100-240V, Output 7.5Vdc
  • Battery compatible (recommended as a backup only) - 4 x Lithium-ion AA Batteries
  • Wi-Fi connection required (802.11 b/g/n @2.4Ghz)
  • Smart app compatible with most Apple/Android devices


WRAS Certified (2305037)

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